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Show 6:30pm
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Why Do We Sleep? by Sunbin Song

Humans spend a third of their life sleeping and though some people think sleep is a waste of time, it's not! If you don't sleep, you get dumber, go insane, and then die. So does your cat, your dog, the rats in the street, the birds in the sky, the fish in the ocean, and even the flies and the worms. We still don't fully understand why everyone and everything seems to need to sleep, but science has figured out one or two things about maybe why we do.

Bio: Sunbin is a postdoctoral fellow in neuroscience at the NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke. She studies sleep and makes pretty pictures of brains, and will be showing you lots of them whether you like it or not.

How Captain Planet is Punching Sustainable Energy in the Face by Brent Nelson

Captain Planet...he's a villain...gonna take pollution up to a million! OK maybe not that bad, but I'll be talking about some of the challenges and opportunities we face in the world of energy. Who are the real eco-villains? Who are the real heroes? The answers might surprise you. Or not. But hopefully you'll at least have some childhood memories get ruined.

Bio: Brent is a AAAS Science and Technology Policy Fellow at the Department of Energy and an Associate Professor of Tacky Sweaters in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Northern Arizona University. He specializes in talking about energy, upsetting DC fashion norms, growing ridiculous facial hair, and instigating shenanigans. He is also a former lifeguard and wakeboard instructor, so...you know...pretty much has you covered from a to b.

A Panoply of Penises: Bizarre Genitalia of the Animal Kingdom by Shannon Griswold

Panoply: "A complete or impressive collection of things" or "a splendid display". Both definitions lend themselves well to the diversity and weirdity of "hardware" in the animal kingdom. Join us for a guided tour of evolutionary oddities and terrible puns.

Bio: Shannon Griswold finally has a real grown up job as a civil servant at a federal agency, but her sense of humor has not matured past about age 12. In a previous life, she was a biologist who studied how embryos build organs: her Ph.D. is in testis development (balls!) and her postdoc was in cornea development (eyeballs!) which makes her a Ball-ologist twice over.