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Show 6:30pm
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Back to Nerd Nite!

Forget about back to school, where you learn stuff …without a single drop of beer to get you through lecture! Instead, come join us this September 12th for Back to Nerd Nite, where the stuff you learn and the stuff you drink both flow freely! For the first Nerd Nite of the fall we are bringing you a panoply of topics to get your brain out of its summer daze. We will be talking about naughty behind-the-bleachers behavior from diverse fauna, Chindogu, the art of making useless things, and the teacher as a hero in American culture, history and policy. Leave your slide rule at home, pack your beer goggles instead, and join us for a night of learning-induced fun.

Slow-Moving Hermaphrodite Seeks Same: Sex and Courtship Among the Other 99.9% by Olivia Ambrogio

Sex change! Sexual cannibalism! Invertebrate orgies! Non-human animals have an incredible variety of sexual traits and behaviors that are not only fun to talk about but (probably) represent some terrific adaptations to all sorts of circumstances. In this talk I’ll give a quick introduction to the panoply of sexual traits and behaviors in the animal world, with a little explanation of why—we think—this variety exists.

Bio: Olivia is a biologist who got her Ph.D. studying the slow, slippery, slimy sex lives of marine snails. She currently works in the field of science outreach/communication at the American Geophysical Union—but she retains her love of invertebrate life in all its bizarre and deviant glory.

Chindogu: The Japanese Art of Unuseless Inventions by Josh Manning

Chindogu, which loosely translates to “really weird tool," is the noble Japanese art of eccentric invention. Often causing more problems than they solve, Chindogu ultimately serve no real purpose. Neither useful nor useless, they are therefore “unuseless." Come stretch your mind and discover the wonderful world of these unuseless creations.

Bio: Josh is dude that does some cool stuff for NASA, and when not hard at work, is the founder and “NerdBoss” of Nerd Nite Orlando. He is fascinated with unconventional thinking and exploring creative ways to tackle everyday problems. Back in Florida he helps organize an annual event that showcases the innovative and creative efforts of his colleagues working at the Kennedy Space Center.

The Heroic Teacher Myth by Michael Steudeman

Movies like “Dangerous Minds“ tell us that good teachers will sacrifice everything, persevering to transform students’ lives. But what happens when policymakers treat heroism not just as exceptional, but as an expectation? This talk explores how the idea of the “heroic teacher” has shaped major policy decisions in American history. From James Garfield’s vision of a Department of Education to Lyndon B. Johnson’s stories about his two-year teaching stint in south Texas, listeners will learn about how America’s leaders have relied on teachers to fix the deepest challenges in society.

Bio: Michael is a 22nd grader and PhD Candidate in Rhetoric and Political Culture at the University of Maryland. Previously, he Taught For America at a southern Louisiana school where alligators outnumbered people. He is universally recognized for his zany hand gestures, overreliance on Star Wars metaphors, and ability to filibuster a party.