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High Waisted


Show 8:30pm
Doors 8:00pm

all ages

$10/adv $10/day of


Formed in the spring of 2014, High Waisted is a NYC surf rock band with pop sensibilities and an affliction for rock and roll. Lo-fi fuzzy bass, reverb drenched guitars and radiant harmonies mesh to create the melodies of your wave-crashed daydreams. Fronted by Jessica Louise Dye, and backed by three long haired hunks, her quirky 60's garage rock aesthetic is re-imagined from the nose of a surfboard making High Waisted feel like a summer's dream. Their debut album, recorded at Dreamland Studio in Woodstock, NY, with renowned producer Bryan Pugh, released this past spring. Having continuously sold out NYC venues, the group is known for organizing and promoting their own shows in unexpected locations such as yachts, warehouses and rooftops. Every show High Waisted plays becomes the ultimate party.

Each of these 12 tracks is a party unto itself, complete with scuzzy bass, bright vocal harmonies, and enough reverb to fill a decently sized punch bowl.” – Consequence of Sound

“The band’s mastery of 50s era vocals and classic surf guitar will have you dancing in your chair while considering buying tickets to Hawaii.” - Noisey

“Fronted by Jessica Louise Dye, this four-piece emits nothing but lo-fi vibes.” - Nylon

“Frontwoman Jess Dye and the band are also noted for bringing the lower Manhattan lifestyle to full fruition on stage and in their videos. - Impose Magazine

“Their whirlwind energy gets channeled into creating a boisterous atmosphere just as much as into the music.” - GQ

“[Jessica Louise Dye is] magnetic enough to make you need to be her best friend immediately, and she'll keep you hooked with her vintage-leaning style, her musical insight, and debaucherous stories of life on the road with her band, High Waisted.” - Racked

"High Waisted is primed and ready to take on the world, one surf anthem at a time." - Paste

“Somehow, they’ve managed to balance organic, unfiltered energy with the finesse necessary to craft lush and dreamy soundscapes that make you want to both chill and get up to dance and freak out – which is quite a feat.” – Alt Citizen

The Rememberables


The Rememberables is a fierce four-piece punk rock band hailing from Washington, D.C. Mixing DC punk with 90's shoegaze, grunge, and art-rock, The Rememberables utilize heavy guitars, hammering drums, and pop sensibility in their live show, drawing comparisons to early Weezer, Dinosaur Jr., Smashing Pumpkins, & Jawbreaker. Solidifying its lineup in 2014 with the addition of Mat Cabral on bass and Chris Moore (of Coke Bust, Repulsion) on drums, the band has since released a 3-song 7” EP and toured the east coast in support of it. Currently, the band is performing locally and regionally, promoting, and preparing for the release of their debut LP on European label, Adagio830 Records.



Sliding over to the end of the bar to say hello to the staff at the Galaxy Hut, Lary, the owner, takes my hand and just smiles at me and says “man I love seeing Greenland here.” I can see/hear what he means. Greenland is no secret in DC. In fact, I am hard pressed to think of another band who is friendly with more groups in the indie scene than this trio.

Drifting to the back (perfect crowd as it is packed but in a cozy sense and not in that shoulder to shoulder wedge) I take in the muscular rhythm section locking in and out of place and Jamie’s occasionally drifting guitar solos. The interplay between the players reminds me of Dumptruck for a minute and then quickly shifts gears into early New Order and then into what they confess is a Rainbow inspired moment of wank. The double vocals of Jamie and Tony bring the lyrical drive to the forefront and you can connect in an anthemic way with each line. Greenland’s lyrics and much of their set is delivered in a “wink wink” manner that is not cloying or cute but more in a sense of “can you believe this is our lives?” In fact, I am not sure that anyone speaks more directly to the overeducated twenty-something crowd in this town than Greenland does.

My generation of songwriters were filled with self analysis while the current crop is filled with self awareness. Green darts back and forth with absurd observations of text messaging and caribou crushing snowflakes all the while staying true to the basic rock and roll desire for carnal activity as he describes in detail every curl of hair on the lovely before him. His beard, sweater and sheepish smile seem to say to the assembled “hey, I am trying to grow up but it looks like I am just growing older” as he closes with "Greenland pt. 2" bouncing from kissing your ear to listening to tales of impending global doom. You can tell he is happiest doing both.