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Band of Us


Show 9:00pm
Doors 8:30pm

all ages

$10/adv $10/day of


BAND OF US, simply put, a collection of friends and musicians coming together to play feel good music and have a good time. A central theme within the band is community. A sense of unity can also be felt, not only within the band but also between the band and their audience. BAND OF US started with Pete Garza on Lead Vocals and Keyboard, looking for an avenue to explore his musical ideas. He quickly enlisted the help of his close friend Marcus Jackson on Drums to assist in formulating a group. Pete and Marcus both previously performed with Kyle Alexander in many other disciplines and felt that Kyle was essential in BAND OF US, commanding Bass and Background Vocals. Long before joining the band, Myles Gilbertson spent many years in community service with Pete in addition to sharing friendships with both Marcus and Kyle. Given his musical background, Myles became a natural fit assuming Violin and Trumpet parts with the group as it formulated. Similar to Myles, David Byass also shared prior musical performances with a majority of the band members and joined by contributing Saxophone and Auxiliary Keyboard parts. The final, indispensable piece of this puzzle was the addition of Brandon Watts on Guitar and Background Vocals. Brandon allows our music to expand to its full potential with his wide array of talent. BAND OF US shares, “We’re a family, all inclusive, trying to share a little light and love with everyone.”