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Portrayal of Guilt


Show 8:00pm
Doors 7:30pm

all ages

$10/adv $10/day of


As the old jokes go when Converge first began playing, many referred to them “Slayer played by emo kids”. For the most part, this ware a fair comparison. They played with all the speed and frenzy of Slayer, but focused it into a more melodic, emotional product akin to Rites of Spring. At the time it was a unique blend, presenting metal as something more than the splatter house genre it was gaining a reputation for. It was also a combination that would change the shape of metal and punk to come forever, plunging both into a new generation of more emotionally charged, powerful music.

It is in this new generation of emotionally charged, horrendously heavy music where we find Portrayal of Guilt. The band, hailing from Texas, does not play in the more direct style of thrash and emo, however. Instead they opt to play a far more brutal combination, blending the hectic, crazed pace of screamo with harsh black metal. It is a frightening combination, one that draws on the emotional torment inherent in both genres, and mixes them together into a truly pained form of musical catharsis. Add to that a little bit of 90’s metalcore in the vein of Coalesce and Converge, and you have one truly hectic blend of music.

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